For Prospective Students


Prospective Students

With Germany being one of the most productive industrial economies, engineers are always in high demand. Demographic developments and the ever-growing demand for young graduates familiar with latest technologies in communications and multimedia lead to plenty of openings with attractive salaries for CME graduates. Aside from the traditional employers in the communication industry, CME students can expect to find numerous opportunities in those industries whose competitiveness greatly depends on the embedded information technology, such as medical technology, energy systems (‘smart grids’), or automotive industry – and the metropolitan area including Erlangen-Nürnberg has many big players in all these fields.

The CME master study program is based on bachelor and diploma programs with focus on information and communication technology and leads the students to cutting-edge research and development in the core areas of communications and multimedia technology and related interdisciplinary topics. The program structure complies with internationally recognized master programs and meets the requirements for subsequent doctoral studies. The four-semester curriculum starts in winter and includes a six-months thesis project. All courses are taught in English and do not require prior knowledge in German language.

Interested students who meet the prerequisites should apply by March 15